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Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 00:15:04 PST 2009


As you might know my main income source is providing Perl training.
Usually I do it on-site at companies but once in a while I try to open
"open registration" courses for which every company can send one or
more employees.

The problem is that the latter is a huge administrative headache and in
the last year most of the "open registration" classes were delayed many times
and when they were finally opened they were still too small to provide
good income.

I don't want to get into another set of such classes and then delay them
as I am not able to fill the classes. That's not good for me nor for
the clients.

I don't have marketing department or advertising budget, I mostly rely on
word-of-mouth, that is you people on the mailing list who know me
and think that I can deliver good content.

So I'd like to have an informal poll about opening a few such
trainings in May 2009.
Specifically I would like to know if you think you would/could attend
any of the following classes and if you think there are others in your company
who should and could attend.
(The "could" in both cases refer to available time, manager and budget approval)
Obviously this is not a commitment on your part.

The classes I am planning to open

* Fundamentals of Perl (4 days)

* Advanced Perl (4 days), (References, Modules, OOP)

* Test Automation Using Perl (4 days, as I am enhancing the current syllabus)

* Programming in Perl 6 (1-2 days)
  No syllabus yet, I am working on it but it will assume good Perl 5 knowledge
  and will include lots of hands on experimenting.

If you have questions please ask on the mailing list or send it privately to me.

If you would like to attend please let me know privately.


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