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Thu Apr 2 02:09:56 PDT 2009

A limited time offer - expires tonight!

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Hi all,

Thanks to Josh McAdams, we have a video for you to pass along to your
local students:


If you are a student and interested in Open Source, now is the time to
act to get involved in Google's wonderful Summer of Code program.


Each year, Google offers students the opportunity to spend their summer
vacation coding rather than flipping burgers.  You propose a project,
and if selected, you're assigned a mentor and provided with a stipend.
It is a competitive program to get into, but offers an amazing amount
of real-world experience and the ability to get seriously involved in
an open source project of your choosing.  The Perl Foundation spans a
wide variety of projects including Perl 5, Perl 6, and Parrot with many
great mentors signed-up to help you succeed.

And the deadline is fast approaching (noon (PDT) on Friday!)


Please forward the above info to your local pm group.  We need all of
your help with the mongering right now (and it never hurts to remind
busy students about deadlines.)

If your group has made some effort to connect with students this year,
please take some time to share what you've learned with the rest of us.
It's not too late to inspire others and we definitely want to learn and
continue to grow for next year.



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