[Jerusalem.pm] Padre 0.10 released - initial Parrot and Perl 6 support

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 04:42:18 PDT 2008

I am happy to announce that Padre 0.10 was released.
It can be installed from your CPAN mirror.
For help with the installation look at http://padre.perlide.org/wiki/Download

If you'd like to try the binary distribution we have for linux it can be also
downloaded from the same link above.

This version includes several changes:

Most notably it includes preliminary support for Parrot
(Pasm and Pir) syntax highlighting and Perl 6 syntax highlighting.

Detailed list of changes:

   Improve the search tool (include backward search)
   Allow keeping the search window open (or close it and use F3)
      Shift-F3 to jump backwards
   Add Search and Replace and global search and replace
   Setup mapping of file extensions to mime-types and to color coding
   Clean up the MainWindow module, move code to Document and Document::Perl
   Implement an experimental Pasm, Pir and Perl 6 highlighting
   Allow experimental code to allow the user to execute code within Padre
   Report if file could not be saved and keep it in unsaved state (bug #74)
   Separate the Padre::Install module from Build.PL
   Set default mime-type of new files to be perl
   Change mime-type when saving file to the appropriate new mime-type

As usual comments, bug reports, requests are welcome on the
development mailing list and on our trac at http://padre.perlide.org/


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