[Jerusalem.pm] What is missing from Padre?

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 23:07:24 PDT 2008

I have started to develop Padre ( http://padre.perlide.org/ )
about four months ago and version 0.14 that has just arrived
to CPAN is already slightly usable.

I'd like to get your help to find out what are the most important
things I should focus in the next four months?

I am sure you either use vi or emacs and you are totally satisfied
with your development environment but, please for a short time
imagine you are stuck in a well paying job and your management
mandates you to use Padre.

Please give me the 5 most important things that are still missing
from it so you can also say it is usable.

In order to do this obviously you will have to install it which might
be a bit difficult if your OS does not come with binary version of
wxPerl. On the other hand if you are lucky you'll only have to type

   cpan> install Padre

answer a few questions and wait till all the prereqs get installed.
For some help with the installation check out the download page.

Thank you for your help

( posted also on http://use.perl.org/~gabor/journal/37754 )


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