[Jerusalem.pm] Padre 0.17 released

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 04:58:14 PST 2008

I am please to announce yet another weekly release of Padre, the Perl IDE.

As usual, the Changes file is http://svn.perlide.org/padre/trunk/Changes

The highlights are, well it is difficult to decide which features are
going to be
important to you so I list most of them here along with the person who added
the feature.

   Optional highlighting of current line (via background color) (HJANSEN)
   Code folding (#61) (HJANSEN)
   Word Wrap and "Default word wrap on for each file" in Preferences (FAYLAND)
   Show/Hide Output or Functions (FAYLAND)
   Add configuration option to the autoindentation (no, same_level,
deep). (SZABGAB)
   Allow opening multiple files at once (#43) (JQUELIN)
   Add Padre::Plugin::MY and set it to be a prefered plugin. (SZABGAB)
   Join lines with Ctrl+J (#128) (JQUELIN)
   Full screen view (#131) (JQUELIN)
   Hide/show white spaces and tabs (#132) (JQUELIN)
   Selection markers to ease selection (#133) (JQUELIN)
   Drag-n-drop files from Filer Explorer (CORION)
   Add experimental and basic vi mode. (SZABGAB)
   Fix Shift-TAB (#141) (SZABGAB)
   Limit the plugin names to one deep only. Second level
       namespaces are saved for the implementation details. (SZABGAB)
   Experimental perl -c based syntax checking. (HJANSEN)
   Clean recent files list (#126). (FAYLAND)
   Open all recent files (#125). (FAYLAND)
   Alt-1, Alt-2, etc removed. (#122) (SZABGAB)
   Initial Javascript support. (FAYLAND)
   Move between the editor, the output window
     and the subs window with some hot-key (#14) (SZABGAB)

As you can see most of work is already done by others which is
great. For one, I would not be able to some of these things and it
also means the projects started to generate interest.

I'd really like thank all the contributors their efforts to make Padre
better every day.

If you look at the project page on Ohloh
you'll see that there are still more contributors than users
but I hope soon others will also start using Padre *and* mark
it on Ohloh.


You can wait till your CPAN mirror catches up or you can use
pip, if you have installed it:

pip http://www.perlide.org/download/Padre-0.17.tar.gz

You should also check out the many Padre plugins on CPAN.
Search for Padre::Plugin.

Further help can be found on http://padre.perlide.org/
where you can find links to the development mailing list.
You are also welcome to join us on IRC on #padre

enjoy and report any issues

Gabor Szabo                     http://szabgab.com/blog.html
Test Automation Tips        http://szabgab.com/test_automation_tips.html

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