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Sat Mar 1 21:50:18 PST 2008

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Hi all,

 Volunteer pledge drive!  Please forward this to your local PM groups.

 TPF needs volunteers to make summer of code happen this year.  It sounds
 like the administrators got stretched too thin in 2005 and 2006, and we
 really didn't have ourselves together in 2007.  So, I'm proposing a
 departmental structure under a TPF umbrella, which will localize the
 cat-herding effects within various large projects (so far, parrot and
 Catalyst appear to be on board with this.)  I would like to demonstrate
 that we have our act together this year, so we need to get a solid pool
 of administrative volunteers and mentors together before the 8th.

 Administrative needs:

  (Contact ewilhelm at cpan.org or join #soc on irc.perl.org.)

  * backup administrator (reduce the bus number)

  * Department heads for p5p, "modules", etc

  * Suggestions about department structure

 Mentors and project ideas needed:

 We need to get these pages populated before March 8th or it is quite
 likely to be a no-go.

 Potential mentors, please add yourselves and your project ideas here:


 If you hate wikis as much as I do, please visit this handy form and I
 will batch the wiki edits on your behalf.


 We who cut mere stones must always be envisioning cathedrals.
 --Quarry worker's creed

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