[Jerusalem.pm] Jerusalem Perl Mongers meeting November 26

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Sun Nov 19 06:18:06 PST 2006

= Jerusalem.pm Meeting November 26, 2006=
== Agenda ==
'''כל ההרצאות בעברית'''
Some topics on CGI and the web:

*	18:00 – Meeting*	18:10 – '''Web 2.0 and AJAX:''' - Ori MillerThis "fashionable" topic enables us to write streamlined, flexible CGIprograms with the ease of Perl and interactivity of Javascript*	18:50 – Break*	19:00 – '''CGI Toolbox''' -Rina RonHow you can create a complete application by combining thefunctionality of CGI::Sessions and HTML::Tempaltes with CGI*       20:00 - everyone goes home
There will also be some more examples of Humor in Perl as acontinuation of last month's meeting

== Location ==[http://www.exlibris.co.il/offices.htm#israel Exlibris], MalchaTechnological Park (Jerusalem) - Building 9, 4th floor - Large meetingroom
== Food ==כיבוד קלburekas, cake, fruit, soft drinks
== Price ==Free of charge
== Contact ==[[Jerusalem.Perl.Monger at gmail.com]]

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