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Hi All,
On Thursday we had YAPC::2005.
Here is a detailed summary from Shlomi Fish.
As to the next meeting we will send announcment in the next few days.

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On Saturday 19 February 2005 20:54, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> I hope others will write down their experience with the
> conference we had on Thursday, let me write a few notes
> by myself.

Here are my impressions from YAPC::Israel::2005:

There were relatively few attendees in comparison to the two previous
years.  However, those who attended had a lot of fun.

After the initial registration + Coffee session that ended at 09:00,
Prof.  Shimon Schocken gave an introduction about the Inter-Discplinary
Center, where the conference took place. One thing I recall is that he
said he had a pleasant encounter with perl: there was a course in which
students design a computer and then write compilers for various
languages for it in their language of choice. Most students write it in
Java, but he said a pair of students submitted a solution in Perl, which
was 10% the length of the Java solutions.

Afterwards Ori Idan gave an introduction about Hamakor (nothing much to
say about it) and Gabor gave an opening speech, which was quite fun.

I attended the following presentations:

1. Perl to Queen's Level 3 - In it Uri Bruck talked about an
Object-Oriented framework he started working on to power a game server
for various variants of chess. The talk was interesting, and I enjoyed

2. Something about Parrot - Gabor Szabo talked about the need for Parrot
(http://www.parrotcode.org/), and what it will achieve. Also very

3. Installing Perl, Python and PHP-based Applications - Elliot Jaffe
talked about constructing self-contained applications in these
languages, with a focus about Installers, packagers, etc. It was

4. XML & XSLT Programming - Zachary Kessin talked about XSLT. He gave an
overview of basic features, then talked about how he used it for his own
sites, and about its advantages and disadantages. My problem with the
lecture was that he did not gave enough concrete knowledge on how to
actually program using XSLT, which was what I wanted.

5. Making your regular expressions efficient - Eitan Schuler talked
about regular expressions optimization. The lecture was fun, and I
learned some new things.

6. Using Asterisk and Perl to build voice applications - Gilad
Ben-Yossef demonstrated how to use Perl to build a simple telephone
movie service. He ended up demonstrating that it worked. The lecture was
fun and interesting.

7. Metasploit Framework - Raviv Raz talked about exploitation
frameworks, and then focused on Metasploit which is an open-source
framework that is partially written in Perl. He also showed a video
presentation demonstrating a live exploitation process. An interesting

Then came the lightning talks, which were short and nice. Afterwards
Gabor gave the closing speech. Then we had the auction, in which many
books, T-shirts, and other stuff were auctioned. There was an active
interest in some of the items, and we ended up gathering 5000 NIS, which
all go to the Perl foundation. The auction was very fun, in part due to
the auctioneer.

Then some people went to a Dinner, but I did not go with them and
instead went home.

Between the presentations there were coffee and refreshments breaks and
a lunch. The food was delicious, and there were lots of beverages. We
talked about many things, including KDE, GNOME, GIMP, the Ex-Libris
company, Mozilla's XUL (someone said he was looking for a XUL expert),
and other topics.


        Shlomi Fish

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