[Jerusalem.pm] Next Meeting

Eitan Schuler Eitan.schuler at exlibris.co.il
Sun Oct 10 03:21:14 PDT 2004

Dear all,
The next meeting of the Jerusalem Perl mongers will take place on the 27
October 2004 (Wednesday).
I would very much like to encourage people to talk.
Any interesting topic which is connected to perl is welcome. Either from
your work environment or from the press, or even if you have just read
something interesting in a perl book.
A talk can least from 5 minutes and up to 90 minutes.

The next meeting's schedule is not fixed yet. 
If you would like to talk please send me the agenda and an estimation of
time needed. Also specify the language of the lecture. (Hebrew/English).


Eitan Schuler
Development Department
ExLibris, Jerusalem
Tel: +972-26499134
Fax: +972-26798634

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