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Mirit Goldmacher mirit.goldmacher at exlibris.co.il
Sat Nov 6 22:11:21 PST 2004

All subjects are interesting, but I need the debugger for my work...

All the best,

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I've been thinking about what to talk about at the next YAPC conference. 
I've got a bunch of different options, some of which come from talks I did 
at the JM.pm meetings, others new ideas.

So, following in Shlomo's good example, I'm turning to the public to 

Some ideas are:

* Building a web crawler in 3 steps (a lightning-talkish [15-20 min] 
showcase on HTML::Parser and LWP)
* Introduction to XS (45-60 minutes, depending on audience level - I did it 
*much* faster than I originally thought it would take at JM.pm meeting)
* Debugging Perl (45-60 minutes - interactive introduction to the Perl 
debugger, and ActiveState IDE)
* Perl Web Services (60-90 minutes - This would probably be an intro to 
SOAP::Lite (0.60 - maybe with some 0.65 features if I have neough time to 
learn them well) - a bulk of the lecture would probably need to be spent 
introducing background topics of SOAP, XML-RPC, WSDL, etc.  Also an 
explanation of how loose binding makes web services in Perl so much easier 
than in most other languages)
* Writing you first mod_perl application (60-90 focused mp2 showcase - we'd 
look at a simple mod_perl2 module which uses the AAA (access, authen, authz 
phase), a response handler, an output filter, and the logging API)

I had some other ideas, but none come to mind just now.  Comments, please!


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