[Jerusalem.pm] JOBOPPS: QA Person for web-based project

Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Mon May 31 08:54:41 PDT 2004

Looking for a QA/Testing person for a short-term web-based project (with
possible projects in the future if this works out).  Looking for the
following skills:

Knowledge of SOAP - clients AND servers - is a must
Knowledge of Perl is a must (Objects, LWP, HTML::Parser, Test::More,
Experience with HTML, JavaScript a plus [This position is NOT for web
designers - you need to *read* it, not *write* it]
Experience with building Web Services with ActiveState's PerlEx a plus
Experience with Microsoft BizTalk Server (as a SOAP client) a plus

The ideal candidate will be able to create a test environment, and use
mocking whereever possible.  The tests will check proper usage of the
system, as well as special cases, stress testing, etc.

Please send your relevant experience, references, etc + expectations of
payment (either per hour, per week, per project, etc) to
margol at beamartyr.net.  If you are a CPAN user, please send me your user name
so I can see what you've written to date.

Immediate (in the next week or so, I hope) availability is a must.  Work is
not onsite.

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