[Jerusalem.pm] Summary of May 23rd Meeting

Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Sun May 23 13:52:11 PDT 2004

OK, OK - if I can write a follow-up on Motke's lecture, then I owe the list
a summary:

Our list says that 9 people showed up:

We started with Motke giving a "5 minute lightning talk" that turned into a
great 20 minute explanation on the basics of automating Excel using Perl -
even on UNIX!

Then, I gave a 90 minute talk on XS - thanks everyone who was there and
helped me improve bits and pices - your comments, questions and critisism
are all welcome.

We also discussed the future dates for the meetings.  ExLibris will continue
to be our gracious host, but we will be moving to Wednesdays (same time:
18:00).  Next month, we'll be having the meeting on June 22nd, and
thereafter in the middle week of the month.

A few ideas for future lectures were mentioned - people are invited to send
proposals for talks to the list, and Eitan & I will work out a schedule.

I think that's it - great meeting all in all.

Until next month,

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