[Jerusalem.pm] Summary of March 15 meeting

Yehoshua (Shay) O'Hayon Suchar shay at shayohayon.net
Mon Mar 15 13:53:23 PST 2004

	Yeah, I really enjoyed the meeting, and I wanted to thanks Eitan, Zachy
and Issac for their expositions, that were very interesting, I also
wanted to thanks the ExLibris guys for organizing the meeting and the

P.D: There were some of us that wanted to hang out at the mall, (like me

On Mon, 2004-03-15 at 21:47, Issac Goldstand wrote:
> Hi all,
> We had a very nice meeting.  We started promplty at 6:00 PM.  Eitan Schuler
> started off with some examples of sorting lists and hashes, followed by
> Zachy's presentation on CPAN.  He spoke of what CPAN was, how to automate it
> a bit, and mentioned a few nice modules from it.  Towards the end we veered
> off on many interesting tangents, but I can't remember them all - next time
> come to the meeting ;-)
> We had a nice break, found the bourekas and munched for a bit, and then I
> gave a quick presentation on how to create a basic web crawler in 3 steps.
> We had a VERY healthy turnout of 15 people - for the first meeting, I think
> that's awesome.  Here is the name list that was circulated (approximately
> starting from where I was sitting and ending where the computer was in a U -
> although it went a bit random at the very end)
> [Apologies if I misspell any names - they're not all that legible (or maybe
> I just can't read) - I'm just gonna do first names to further prevent
> embarrasment to myself]
> Issac
> Miriam
> Diana
> Efraim
> Moshka
> Rita
> Yehoshua (Shai)

Shay. :-)

> Dana
> Meir
> Eitan
> Zachary
> Murray
> Yael
> Adi
> (someone else apparantly didn't write their name, as we are missing one
> according to count)
> We had short discussion of a website and starting a library - more on that
> coming soon, I hope.  There were also requests for slides - mine are at
> http://www.beamartyr.net/jerusalem.pm/crawler/
> Last,  but not least, we discovered that we are either very busy, or very
> unsocial (or both), since noone wanted to go hang out at the mall.
> If I forgot anything, please feel free to correct me.
>   Yitzchak
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