[Jerusalem.pm] Yesterday's meeting

Yehuda Berlinger jon at actcom.co.il
Wed Jun 23 00:21:52 PDT 2004

I'm really sorry that I can't seem to make any of these meetings. 
Yesterday evening was the final party in my kids school.

I really wanted to know about functional programming, too, since I 
had just such a problem come up regarding lazy lists.

I wanted to know if there was a way to break a grep after a certain 
number of matches:

	@matches = grep { $_ =~ /$pattern/ } @ReallyBigArray;

Of course I can use a loop, a counter and the last command. I 
understand that lazy lists might be coming in Perl 6. There are also 
some cpan modules for this, but I don't think they do what I need.


23 Jun 2004

> Dear Perl Mongers,
> We had a very good meeting yesterday, I gave a short talk on two
> topics: "Splitting filename into its components" and "Flushing
> output". Then we have heard an interesting session from Zach about
> "Lisp and Perl - functional programming". We were 8 in this meeting. I
> will send out announcement on the next meeting as soon as we will know
> the exact date.
> We have introduced our web-site: http://jerusalem.perl.org.il
> In this site almost all presentations / examples are/will be
> available. It includes information on meetings as well. Please send me
> comments and new ideas if you have. I think of a "link page" where we
> can list all perl links. Please send me perl-site links if you know
> some. I would like to emphasize that the website is in it's very first
> stages.
> Regards
> Eitan Schuler
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